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HKHowie's Stuff


Who is HKHowie?

Hi, my name is Harold Arnett and I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I spent most of my life employed by Tandy Leather Company. (more?)

What is HKHowie's Stuff?

As I traveled and visited all of the different cultures and met the factory owners and workers, I developed more than a working relationship with some of them and we struck up friendships. About a year ago, 27 years after I began my career with Tandy, it became time to move on. (more?)

You haven't lived until you have ridden on the back of a bicycle rickshaw through the cramped and bustling streets of Old Delhi. In every ancient shadow you can just envision the likes of Indiana Jones...or sometimes it's just a goat or a cow. But the rickshaw is only a portion of this journey.

From the rickshaw, you wander down dark and narrow alley ways to even darker and incredibly steep stairways that might be two feet wide and are constructed of centurys old brick. On these stairs, all you have to hold on to is your sanity, 'cause there ain't no hand rails in these parts.

When you finally get to your destination, you are rewarded with fresh, room temp. coconut milk (still in the coconut) and a seat on the floor. This is where the fun starts. (more?)


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