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   Welcome to the unofficial Web Site of the Rootathas Golden Oldies Hockey team.   This team consists of a group of male and female hockey has-beens.  A Golden Oldie has to reach the ripe old age of 35 before she or he will be admitted to the flock.  I say flock because they will follow one another to any hockey field or pub, although the order is usually reversed.

    The team has competed in 3 Golden Oldies Hockey festivals, Christchurch New Zealand in 1995  Dublin Ireland in 1997 and Brisbane Australia 1999.   Plans are now afoot for their 4th competition Vancouver Canada in 2001.

    Air New Zealand is the organiser of these festival.  It is a world wide sporting movement that brings people together to share their common interest in a favourite sport.  Festivals are organised for Rugby, Hockey Netball, Cricket and Soccer. Teams from the 4 corners of the world have been known to turn up at these functions.

"Fun, friendship & fraternity" is the catch phrase of these festivals, there are a few other phrases, but I might be arrested if I mention them.   Just follow the graphic links to Christchurch , Dublin or Brisbane to see the shenanigan's of this bunch of Golden Oldies.

If you would like more information about the flock just drop me a line at

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If you would like more information on the Brisbane Festival visit http:/

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