Narayanate namo namo...

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Narayanate Namo Namo... in ENGLISH

Narayanate namo namo....(in Telugu)

Introduction to the geetham:

Narayanate namo namo
is one of the 32,000 kritis composed in Telugu in praise of Lord Venkateswara by  Sri Annamacharya of Tallapaka, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. In this geetham, he praises the Lord in different names. He starts the geetham paying obeissance to His Lotus Feet (namo namo...).  Since the keerthana is composed of the names of the Lord only, it is often felt that the medium of the geetham is Sanskrit rather than Telugu. So, one need not worry if one is not conversant with Telugu. Whatever is the medium of language, it is hoped, any Indian can grasp the meaning of this sankeerthanai easily.

Narayanate Namo Namo... in ENGLISH

Narayanate namo namo


Narayanate namo namo bhava
Naarada sannuta namo namo  || Narayanate ||

Charanam 1

Murahara nagadhara mukunda maadhava
Garuda gamana pankaja naabha
Parama purusha bhava bandhhana keshava
Nara mriga shareera namo namo
|| Narayanate ||

Charanam 2

Jaladhi shayana ravi chandra vilochana
Jalaruha bhavanuta charanaayuga
Balibandhana gopavadhoo vallabha
Nalinottarate namo namo
|| Narayanate ||

Charanam 3

Aadi deva sakalaagama poojitha
Yaadava kula mohana roopa
Vedoddhara sri (tiru) venkata naayaka
Radhaa priyate namo namo
|| Narayanate ||

Narayanate Namo Namo... in Tamil

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