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Basis Of Hope!

Romans 10:9-10

Easter is the season of hope.
Easter sings and rejoices in hope.

All of us hope in something.
Hope springs eternal, says the poet.

Hope is why we  get out of bed in the morning,
ready for another day of life.

Hope is why couples bring children into the world,
in spite of financial situations and the high cost of homes.

Hope is why we keep getting excited about presidential elections.
We want to all those promises.

Hope is why we are able to handle the death of a loved one,
and face the inevitability of our  own death.
Hope is why refugees flee from political oppression or economic  hardship.

Hope is why people  contribute their time and money to churches
because they believe the church  can make a difference in people's lives
and in the world.

Hope is why we have confidence in the future.
We believe God's plan for the creation will be fulfilled.

Most of us live by  hope.

Hope is a basic motivating force of life.
People without hope live in despair.

On this Easter morning,
there are two vital questions we must answer :

What is the basis of your hope?
For what do you  hope?

What is the basis of your hope?

Is your hope adequate?

Is your hope able to sustain you,
Can get you out of the bed ready to face setbacks, problems, and crises?

Can your hope sustain you with the rapid changes we face in today's world,
Are you able to meet the challenges of life in your every day life?

Do you have the ability to cope with the testing of your faith?
Is your hope adequate?

What is the  basis of your hope?
IWhat is the foundation of your hope?

Is it in your ability to handle whatever happens?
It confidence in the human race?
Is it in the stock market?
Is in the ability of government to provide for you?

What is your ground for  hope?
Is it adequate?

Perhaps one reason for a widespread sense of hopelessness
today is because many have their hopes misplaced.

Their hopes are built on the sands of their own resources.
And when the winds of change and circumstances blow,
their hopes are blown away.

 In order to withstand the hurricanes and tornadoes,
and the  strong winds of changing times, moral lapses, cloudy motives,
our hopes must be built on a solid foundation.

Our hopes must be founded on the Solid Rock -- Jesus.

The only ground for hope is a belief in the risen Christ!
You must believe in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
Then,  victory is assured.
The power of God has been demonstrated in the resurrection of Jesus.
We can live with that same power in our lives because of the resurrection of Christ.

When you are asked, "Why are you so happy?
Why are you so positive?
Why are you so hopeful?
Why do you not discouraged easily?

You can answer,
"I  have hope because God raised Jesus from the dead,
because the Lord is  risen

We can rejoice this morning because we have good news.
We have a  promise.
We have a faith.
We have an everlasting hope!
We have a God who raised Jesus from the dead!

Therefore, your hope can withstand all the storms of  life.

Here is how everyone can have this hope:

If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart
that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
" (Romans 10:9)

Here is how you can have eternal hope and eternal life.

Confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord,
Trust Jesus with your very life -- with your eternal soul.

Call on Jesus
Invite Him into your heart and life.
Confess with your lips.

Believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.
You will be saved.

When you do that, you  are in God's care.
You may fail on occasion, at least, according to  the world's standards;
but you will be a conqueror through Jesus Christ.
You can get up every morning  with hope,
and face the future with confidence.

Your hope is grounded in in the resurrection of Jesus  Christ.

For what do you hope?

For what you are willing to give your life?
For what are you living?
What are your goals and priorities?
For what are you willing to sacrifice?
In what
and for what do you invest your time and your money?

On that Sunday morning, the women went to the tomb of Jesus.
They found the tomb open and empty.
They were discouraged.
They were frightened.

Their hopes had been crushed when  Jesus died on Friday.
Their hopes for the coming  of God's kingdom,
had been shattered by the death of Jesus.

Sunday morning, they went to the garden and found the tomb empty.
They were  bewildered and confused.

Why was everything changing?
Why was everything disrupted?

Jesus had stirred such hope within them.
His  words burned within them.
He had given them hope.
Now everything was gone.
He was dead.

The enemies had conquered,
and now, even the tomb had been broken into,
and His body has been taken.

Now what would they do?
Where would they go?
How would they believe?
How could
they ever hope again?

While they wept, two angels appeared to the women.
They asked a question that is as vital today:

"Why do you seek the living among the dead?"

Why do you look for the living in a cemetery?
You can't find life in that which is dead.

Is that for which you hope a living hope?

If you wish to have a living, dynamic hope,
you will not have it, if you put your faith in something that is dead.

Do you really want to give your life for dead things?
Do you really want to invest your money, dreams,
energy and hope in dead things?

W. E. Sangster, visited the United States some years ago,
and observed that Americans, compared to people in  the rest of the world,
have the nicest homes, the most cars, the greatest wealth,
and yet, write the most books on how to be happy!

Why put your hope in dead things that will never bring happiness?

Why put your hope in the dead past?

The past is dead ; it's gone. We cannot make it live again!
We can't reclaim the years that are gone.
Why put your hope in  a dead past?

Why put your hope in bottles, pills, or needles?

A  reporter interviewed three old men sitting on a park bench.
He asked them  what they did and how old they were.

The first old man answered, "I play checkers and I'm 91."

The second old man replied, "I play checkers and  I'm 95."

The third old man answered, "I drink three pints of whiskey a day,
smoke five packs of cigarettes, take cocaine when I can get it,
and  stay out all night

Surprised and impressed, the reporter asked,
"And  how old are you?"

"27!" He answered.

Why put your hope in dead things, dead dreams, and dead visions?
Why cling to old methods that don't work anymore?

Put your hope in that which is alive!
Give your life to the Lord Jesus.
That is where you will have lasting hope!
Invest your life in serving a risen, living Saviour!

I invite you, on this Easter morning, to examine how you live,
and for what you live.

For what do you hope?
To what are you giving your life?

Sermon By Dr. Harold L. White
Email Dr. White at hleewhite@aol.comI