Hello Everybody! Welcome to My homepage.. It not the best but hope you guy don't mind.. This is my first time fixing Geocitie.. Like I say to myself I think, I have done a good work... But that not what everyone think anyway it fine with me if other think that... hehehehe...I have fun making it. My plan is to make this project of mine the best looking of all.. That no one ever see before... hahaha. Only widh that true.. cause I'm not that smart.... hahahaha... SAD... Remember one thing take your time in here cause you guys might learn alot about life in here... Everything in here is all about me, myself, and I... Oh! Please don't hate on me cause I'm not a Pro here... If you guy have anything to tell me such as help me to improve in what I was doing right now.. Please feel FREE to email me whenever you wish to... Here my email.. hmoovtsistxug@hotmail.com.. oh! if you guys want to learn more how to fix your page I'm always here to help out too.. But only for those who were rookies cause I'm don't think I'm that smart to help the smart one cause as what I'm thinking they might know more than me..I will always help you ask me too only... Best wish to you all to make it better than me. In my homepage you have a chance to know about my familys, friends, and many many other thing that you guys never know or see before... I know, I don't have time to come back in here for a very long time cause college coming up soon here.. Do you guys want to know about my plan for the future... I guess not, but I'm gonna tell you guys anyway OK.... Well, I'm just got myself accepted at Concordia University for the fall of 2004 and 2005.. I have a very good major that why I'm choosing Concordia.. My Major is Business Management.. I think that the right school for me.. Do you know how much it cost per year.. I guess not huh... Me scare already... cause I know it alots... want to know how much.. well it depend on what you study.. Mine is about $23,853.00 per year is that scary.. I'm scare of paying them back.. But I say to myself it ok Only if i get my education than it good for me already.. Hope you guys make you mind and choose the right school for you future too.. Oh! I forgot to tell you one thing about my high school.. I'm going to Harding Senior High School.. that a really good school I have learn alots in there.. such as becoming a business man and how to manage my money... Hey! ummmm... I have to go now so tell you guys more later.. ok.. take care and have fun in here... remember like what i say take your time... 831 - 24/7/365.. BYE MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL !!

HmOoV TsIs TxUg