Legends still race !

I like the Ford GT 40 !
And I like its history and the countless battles against Ferrari in yesteryear races.

I'am a big Ferrari fan and my heart is for the pranching horse but the GT40 was a beautiful car !!
So I casted it in resin to fit a Tyco pan chassis; as soon as possible I'll cast a GT 40's racing mate to recreate the epic battles of the past Le Mans.

The light blue in the photo is one of my runners and it has raced for 15 hours for now.
   I cast racing bodies for racing use; they are detailed but are made for racers more than for collectors.

These bodies are hand casted so they are not perfect, usually small air's bobbles are trapped in the mould and it require a little extra work with putty and files to have a very good body.
Once filled with putty these little holes are invisible.

This is the second GT 40 I casted (the first was a solid test shot to clean the mould) and it is not well painted ! It has no laque or decals on it and is a "factory test" car :-)

This body requires a Tyco 440X2 pan chassis with long wheelbase.
My next GT 40 will be a reproduction of the famous azure/orange Gulf Ford GT 40 of Lemans.

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I want to trade or sell a small number of GT40. Resin bodies are supplied unpainted.
I can trade them for Nascar or GT cars; I prefer Tyco cars but I'll take other cars too.
I'm also looking for spare parts like gears and pinions or HO decals; I can take money too, naturally.
If you are interested please e-mail your questions and/or offers.