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Welcome to HO Slotcar Italy !!
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For sale: Tyco resin cast bodies.
A brief look to the slotcar scene in Italy.
I began casting resin bodies because I was not able to find HO slotcars to buy and because I like cars !!

Those little HO cars are beautiful but if you cannot find them in a shop you have to use your imagination...

First solution was to use diecast cars; but diecast in Italy means metal die cast ! Too heavy to race with.

Second solution: resin cast bodies; they are light enough to be raceable !!

These resin cast bodies, like Tyco's plastic bodies, can be mounted "snap on" onto Tyco 440X2 Pan chassis with long wheel base.

I'm casting some extra bodies, so if you want to buy or trade them let me know !

  As far as I know, this is the first and only italian HO slotcar related page on the web. In italian a slotcar's track is called "autopista".
Here slotcars are 1/32nd scale models and there are few HO racers or collectors.

1/32nd scale stuff is easy to find here because Polistyl was an italian firm. Sadly enough Polistyl's products are very low quality and toylike, so people usually think about slotcars like childish toys and not like racing models.

There is not a real HO slotcar scene and a moderate slotcar activities in the whole country !!

Luckily I have some friends to race with and, above all, there is Internet with a lot of beautiful web pages and a very good and informative HO mailing list :-)
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