Resin cast run faster than metal diecast !

I live in south Italy and here HO slotcars are not easy to find, well it is possible but surely very difficoult.

When you are lucky and find some blisters they are usually Formula 1 cars or Formula 1 racing sets.
I like Formula 1 cars but I like other cars too!!!

On the other hand non sharknose F1 are very "fragile" and can be damaged easily.

Last but not least I'm a big fan of the Nascar's Winston Cup series and Mattel/Tyco does not import Nascar cars in Europe !!

Not to speak about old GT/ Can Am/ Muscle cars slotcars now out of production and sold on ebay for too much bucks.
   I cast racing bodies for racing use; they are detailed but are made for racers more than for collectors. These bodies are more a kit than a rtr body but they require very little work and fit snap on.

The bodies are hand casted so they are not perfect, usually small air's bobbles are trapped in the mould and it require a little extra work with putty and files to have a very good bodies.
Once filled with putty these little holes are invisible.

Resin bodies are naturally heavier than normal plastic bodies but can be lighted removing, with a dremel tool, front shield.

These bodies are very easy to paint with acrilyc colors after a coat of white or black primer.

Usually these bodies requires a Tyco 440X2 pan chassis with long wheelbase but there are some exceptions (like the Baja Bug or VW Bettle that fit on a standard slim chassis).

I want to trade or sell small quantities of these bodies. Resin bodies are supplied unpainted.
I can trade them for Nascar or GT cars; I prefer Tyco cars but I'll take other cars too.
I'm also looking for spare parts like gears and pinions or HO decals; I can take money too, naturally.
If you are interested please e-mail your questions and/or offers.