Slide modified Tyco 440X2 pan chassis
Last April, after a bit of thinkering, thinking, e-mailing and web searching I routed my first wooden track.

It is a simple 4 lanes non banked oval routed in a piece of 210 x 106 x 0.8 cm cheap multistrate wood and the track in unframed.
The rails are made of copper tape and the power supply is a standard DC 12 Volt 10 Ampere.

Once routed the track I needed some modified cars able to run on copper rails and without magnet attraction.
The very first car was a hopped up Artin 1/43 Porsche rally car and it was fun enough to race but it was too big for the small oval so I switched to my beloved Tyco HO cars.
The choice was to modify a yellow Ferrari F40 with a homemade version of the worldwide famed Ed Bianchi's Slide Guide.
   Wow ! A lot of fun, the little yellow car zaps through the short track oval and slide a lot on the curves until you enter a curve too fast and then the car awards you with a nice spinout !

This prototype slide guide is made from a yellow plastic piece (to match the car's color) shaped in a "D" form, a little piece of wooden 2mm rod and a piece of a plastic pen !!

Wires are wrapped and not soldered to the brass cilinders so the car can be restored to standard use on plastic track. Traction magnets are not present in the photo but I reimplanted them to add a little weight to the car.
This car fishtails a lot, requires a very differen driving style and is funny to drive !!
As soon as possible I'll rout a 3 lane modular track with some nasty curves !!