Gran Turismo is not only a Sony's videogame !

Speaking about real cars Porsche is not my cup of tea but, funny enough, almost 20% of my slotcars are Porsches !! And I have a lot of plastic HO toy cars resembling the Porsche Carrera and 911 !

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These are all the GT cars I have (minus 2 Porsche 935s, a Porsche Carrera
and another yellow Ferrari F40... they have same bodies and colors).
Resin cars have their own pages and as soon as possible I'll start casting new GT cars:
Mercedes CLK, Viper and Panoz GTS. Yup, more GT1 and GT3 cars !!

Tyco 440X2 pan chassis
Porsche Carrera with light
Click here to see
them racing in the dark !
These are 2 bodies I used in last year Porsche Cup.
They are plastic toy cars hacked to be velcro mounted on a Tyco slim chassis.
The cars are painted with matt acrilyc colors, detailed with decals and coated with gloss warnish.
Both of them won 2 races in their respective class last year