Hard Rubber Tyres for Tyco 440X2's wheels

These rear tyres are made with a two parts rubber casted in a rtv silicon rubber mould.
The rubber vulcanizes at room temperature so I can cast tyres at home... this justified the name !!!

These tyres are harder than normal 440X2 Tyco tyres; I tested the first pair with a F1 Ferrari on a Tyco 440 slim chassis and my lap times were 1 second higher than my average times.
A little sanding with a 400 grit sandpaper and my times dropped down to average times !!

So I have harder tyres and same performances... next step will be softer compounds and, I hope, better performances !!
Further step will be casting different types or different sizes tyres.

A recent thread on the mailing list showed a need for knobby hard tyres, offroad and truck style.
Stay tuned, maybe I can cast them !!