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BRANCH TENET (Uncatalogued 2001) :
(Move Or Suck Soil)

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Where do Tenets come from?
How have they evolved?
Are they just a 'jot of fun',
A 'riddle to be solved'?


All Tenets through history, rely on people having 'opinions' and expressing them to others.

As soon as opinions are heard, counter-opinions can start to evolve.

If enough people agree on the usefulness of a few Tenets, they can solidify them into a common belief.

Once these beliefs are promoted with special icons and rituals etc. they can become a 'Following'.

Your Evolution

But a big problem with this system of fixing 'opinions' into 'beliefs', growing a 'Following' then promoting it, lies with the difficulty of keeping the whole belief as flexible as possible whilst trying to cope with new thinking, new discoveries, new communications, new situations and thus new opinions.

We are in a World Wide System that includes billions of  fixed 'beliefs' and they have been allowed to shape every corner of our lives in every country.

Our Evolvement

M.O.S.S.  (Move Or Suck Soil)

The Artists, Tomlinson and Jesse, in laying Tenets on the Internet, aim to uncover and re-lay some original foundations. A lot of opinionated dust has encrusted onto useful tenets that started out as just 'matters of opinion'.

By exploring opinions and writing tenets; by laying them bare, and laying a foundation for discussion in a web site lay-out, the aim is to re-visit the 'eternal truth/s' and the 'universal ethic/s'.

Continual 'input' will maintain the flexibility of the Tenets as they evolve. Tomlinson and Jesse will take the Tenets to their third Evolvement and then let them 'move or suck soil.'

           move    vb.   to change.
           suck soil    vb.    1.  a 'rooted' action, the opposite of locomotion, in which an
                 idea or person vegetates.     2.     the act of doing nothing but existing as is.

Where did the Tenet "Move or Suck Soil" come from !

In 2001 UK livestock farmers faced a foot
       and mouth (hoof and mouth) epidemic.

The government of the day needed to listen to the opinions of many 'experts' . As the size of the problem grew to 'new' proportions, they needed to take the right actions, though nobody could guarantee what would be 'right'.

The virus was free, its own master thus moved around and changed without warning and without care.

We went through a period in the UK called "suck it and see", killing the infected, isolating stock and disinfecting everything. But still the epidemic spread to over a thousand farms.

Someone needed to take some action. Someone needed to get up and take control. Someone needed to interact with the moment by moment changes of the hoof and mouth virus. Whilst everyone waited for 'someone', the virus had a heyday.

Tomlinson and Jesse had often witnessed situations where millions of thinking people would 'suck soil' whilst waiting for 'someone' to make a 'move' so they 'evolved' their own thoughts on their 'M.O.S.S.' (Move or Suck Soil) Tenet in three new directions.

"Firstly, due to the frightening reliance on elected representatives and the inability, hesitance or fear to think and act as individuals, we wrote out the Tenet :


Grow Your Own Brain
Explore Your Thoughs
Individual Thinking

"Secondly, due to the long bat and ball innings between the team called  'wait and watch' and their opponents, the 'act fast and now' team , we wrote out the Tenet :


Look Both Ways
Outside Worldly Traps

"Thirdly, as the time was ticking by and the UK needed speedy help ( S.O.S. ~ save our stock or send over serums! ) we evolved a Tenet to cover the need to move fast in new situations :


Stretch Or Sink
Thought Irrigates Capital
Time Outweighs Capital
To Be Continued?

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