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AAA Matilda United States
Hobble Creek Vette Club
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Hobble Creek Vette Club, started May 2001.We are based in Springville,Ut. Goal of this new club is to meet with other vette owners. Share in the joys of owning one of Americas finest cars. Getting together for road trips, barbeques, and regular vette meetings. We would like to have pictures of all members corvettes added to our webpage. Along with any comments and sugestions.You must own a corvette of any year and be at least 18 years of age. If you are interested in becoming a member you can contact John at 801-319-0012, Tammy at 801-319-2964, or Roger at 801-635-5054.Please sign our guestbook after visiting. Thank you!!!
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Hobble Creek Corvette Club
President: John Sumsion
Vice President: Roger Barney
Treasurer: Tammy Sumsion
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