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PCB Design


Разработка печатных плат.


PCB Design System




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Made to order Printed Circuit Board.

Design system:

-Accel Eda,P-Cad 2001,P-Cad 2002,OrCAD

Input data:

-schematic in format Accel Eda,P-Cad ,OrCAD or on sheet (format Acad14) and list component;
-preplace PCB database(the sizes,position mounting holes,connectors);
-special the requirements to place component and router(if required).

Output data:

-a file *.pcb in format Accel Eda(P-Cad 2001) or
-a files of the layers in format Gerber RS-274X,Emma85;
-a drill file in format Excellon-2,KD-46,SM-600.

The Cost of the design:

-depends from difficulty of the route and is defined by amount pin component on unit area;
-depends on preparation of information for concrete manufacture;
-an approximate price from 100$ before 300 $.

The Period of the design:

-from 12 before 30 workdays.

Contact Information:


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