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Hi readers!
Thanks for visiting this site. If you are looking for "legs", you can still go to The Tight Skirts Page but you also can stay here.
This humble website is growing thanks to you, and thanks to the girls who send me pictures. There'll soon be some mails I got.
But the main trouble is that you don't seem to vote for the beauty you prefer. Don't they deserve this ? Right now, Cutie Julie seems to be #1. The winner will have a special page with lots of pics, profile, and so on... Do not hesitate to write me !

OK. I do think I'm too talkative. Have a good trip ! And hey the models, don't forget about me !

What's new ?

Suzie the queen is here !! She might be your very fave one !
More ladies in the last page of the girls you would like to marry !

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