Introducing: Jacob Michael Kim!!!
Mama:  ginny
Papa:  michael (HO)
Born on:  january 29, 2002 (4 days late)
Time:  2:23pm
Where:  memorial city hospital, houston, tx.
Weight:  7 pounds, 5 ounces  
Height: 20 inches
Hair Color: black
Mama:  oooohh! my baby! (started crying...)
Papa:  hey, he has my nose
it's a boy!  wow, look at that conehead
ahyee-goo, yea-jum-ba...HO dal-mot-da!  (oooh, look at him, he looks like HO).
ha-ha, uh-hum, hee-hee
jacob is finally here!  he arrived on tuesday, january 29, 2002.  we are incredibly happy and excited about our new addition and can't wait for everyone to meet him.  in the meantime, please take a tour of jacob's site and visit back often for updates.  also, please don't forget to sign his guestbook after you've visited.  we've included pictures of mommy and daddy for those we haven't seen for a couple of years. 
for those of you who want the full story, read below.
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mommy and daddy are overwhelmed with joy and happiness about their new addition and can't wait for everyone to meet him.   daddy believes all this began in korea...on che ju do island. they were there in april 2001.  anyway, after waiting 9 months and a few days jacob michael kim came into the world screaming and crying at hermann memorial city hospital and was delivered by dr. levin.
mommy and daddy made it to memorial city hospital on monday, jan. 28 at 7:00pm for their scheduled appointment for inducement (...jacob was originally due on the 25th).  mommy was hooked-up to two monitors (one to track baby's heartbeat and the other to track contractions).  they immediately found that mommy was having contractions, but they were too light for her to notice.  mommy was given a repository to prepare the braking of the waters.  at 10:00pm mommy was given a light painkiller because of the discomfort from the repository.  at 4:00am mommy started on pitocin, which is an intravenous drug used to induce labor (more contractions).  stronger painkillers were given around 5:00am to help mommy deal with the intensified contractions.  at 6:00am, the anesthesiologist asked daddy to leave the room for 20 minutes so the epidural could be administered.  well, daddy thought this was an excellent time to go eat breakfast in the cafeteria (...the food isn't that bad).  while daddy was gone (for 45 minutes), dr. levin broke the bag of waters around 6:30am.  for the next two hours, mommy was very drousey and was sleeping most of the time.  daddy found that is was a good time to go home and wash up. daddy returned at 10:30am.  seeing how mommy was still in and out of sleep, daddy made another trip to the cafeteria for lunch (for 45 minutes).  at around 1:50pm, the anethesiologist and nurse came back to give mommy another dose of painkillers.  several minutes after this was applied, they noticed that the heart rate of the baby dropped from the 140's to the 70's during contractions.  the nurse quickly called dr. levin.  baby was in distress and dr. levin immediately called for a cesarean section.  both mommy and daddy were very upset and scared.  this was unexpected and very sudden.  while mommy went in for preparations, daddy eagerly waited in his scrubs.  daddy waited for 5 or so minutes, but he thought it was an hour.  he couldn't help but to pray and plead with God.  just before baby was pulled out, daddy was called into the o.r.  another minute passed and...finally!  at 2:23pm, dr. levin pulled out beautiful jacob.  mommy cried with sweet joy and daddy smiled with great relief.  it was apparent after the c-section why jacob was in distress.  his umbilical cord was around his neck, arm, and leg.  delivery was long and scary, but it was all worth it...and we can't thank God enough for the gift He has given us.!

well, that's jacob's story.  please hit the 'next' button to see pictures of mommy, daddy, and of course, jacob.  
last updated on march 14, 2002
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