Aloha and Mabuhay,

In Topeka martial arts skills from are taught through our two primary styles: Chinese Kempo Karate (Kajukenbo roots) and the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis. Chinese Kempo rank is awarded during monthly testings, while Modern Arnis rank is awarded during the annual Topeka MARPPIO seminar, as well as during other MARPPIO seminars held worldwide. Students can specialize in either art or learn both as they perfectly compliment each other.

Modern Arnis puts more flow into Chinese Kempo. Flow is where the body and whatever weapon it is using becomes one. Modern Arnis is often referred to as "the art within your art." This is more so for Chinese Kempo as many of its pioneers had experiences with various Filipino Martial Arts. Modern Arnis brings these influences back to full circle.

Chinese Kempo adds rock 'em and sock 'em self-defense techniques to Modern Arnis. Its practicality and street fighting mentality make Modern Arnis even more powerful. In addition the forms and katas add more depth and also help take Modern Arnis to a new level. A practitioner of both moves like a quiet storm. The silent power is all there but it moves so fast and with such stealth that nobody knows where the powerful hands of Kempo will make its next strike. So flow baby flow and keep training hard!

We hope you enjoyed our website. Mahalo and Salamat Po!

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