What Is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is admittedly for a younger audience and targeted at a mostly female audience. On the surface it seems to be a simple fantasy story about several teenagers with special powers striving to save the world from evil forces.

The story itself deals with the struggle of friendships, morality, love and fate. I would argue that the action is only mediocre, and the action and fighting between good and evil is only a small part of the Sailor Moon saga.

Takeuchi Naoko, the original author of Sailor Moon, manages to incorporate a deeper saga into the storyline. It also brings into views on sexuality which are edited within the American dubbed versionThe soap opera-like quality of Sailor Moon helps to grasp at the appeal of an older audience as well.

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If You're Sailor Galaxia, Why Isn't There A Galaxia Section?
That's an obvious question. It does seem silly of me to not have a Galaxia section. Truth of the matter is, I'm trying to get the senshi galleries out of the way. I also want to save the best for last, since I plan on making Galaxia's the biggest section, being that she's my all time favorite.

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