Terribly sorry about the lack of updates, but the last few months of my junior year were hell. Now it's summer, and I promise things will get updated much more frequently! However, stupid geocities has a VERY bitchy pagemaker, that hardly ever lets me do what I want layoutwise... so if things look screwy.. and you know how to fix them.. please email me so I can!! Thanks a mill~

         This site is dedicated to the fashions of my favorite anime/manga girl:
The sections are as follows:

All About This Site: You are here (DUH)
Manga Looks: Hokuto's outfits in the 7 TYB
        manga's, and other black n'white pics.
Artbook Looks: COLOUR pics of hokuto
The Closet Floor: In other words, the junk
        drawer.  Stuff that doenst go anywhere else.
        Links will be under here too!

You can email me, Jade Cusacavi the
CLAMP GODDESS of California, if you have any questions.  Everything on this site, PICTURE wise is copyrighted to CLAMP.  But the layouts, comments, and anything else that is not CLAMP-Y belongs to me.  So you must ASK to use them.  If you use pics off this site, email me k? Thanks.