Hola Amigos 2000
6th grade
Escuela Woodcliff
Complete verb cards.
Study verbs on index cards.
6-1:  Write sentences on verb cards.
6-2:  Same as 6-1
6-3:  Same as 6-1

Fecha/Date: 6/8/2006
Chapter 8

Complete review sheets for Spanish Final June 16.
8-2 Same as 8-1. 
8th grade
8th grade End of the Year Project
7th grade
Chapter 6
Family Tree:
Graded assignment
to be done on the computer showing both sides of the family.[label with name,age, relationship] 
Describe five family members following outline given.  Due June 12.
7-1  Assignments to be handed in.
7-2  Same.
7-3   Same.
Spanish Final June 16.