Holbrook Permanent Cable TV Advisory Committee
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On June  27, 2007 Town Meeting voted  and passed a $10,000 allocation for legal service. This money will be used to retain a Telecommunications Attorney for contact talks with Comcast. Vice Chair, Alex Mann, would like to thank those who supported the article . Those members who had reservations about the expense, we will work with your concerns as our guide. Thanks to all of you for your input.
Holbrook Cable Advisory Committee
Click here to see the contracts other towns and cities were able to negotiate with Comcast.
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Click here to see the  the Practical Guide to the Licences Renewal Pocess from the Dept. Of Telecommincations and Energy
OUr Next Meeting is August 14, 2008 7pm Town Hall 2nd Floor.
Allan Dunn - Chair
Alex Mann - Vice Chair
Henry Dye - Member
there are two openings, if interested send a letter to the Board of Selectmen
Click on the buttone above to see the Current Cable Contract. (Note: the contract was in effect since Mediaone)
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