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              THE BLACK DOG
My Own Experience
   Winston Churchill nicknamed his lifelong war with depression - his 'black dog.' It always came back around.  Abraham Lincoln fought depression as well, saying -
'...if I could spread my sadness equally to everyone there would not be one happy face in all of America.'
      If you're here -  it's for a reason. And if you're like me at all - you're tired of all the sites wanting to sell you books or kits - solve your life's problems in three weeks - that will make the menace go away. This site doesn't offer any of that - this is just one little bitty site that exists soley as a forum. I'm of the opinion that if you're seeking books and so forth - see a therapist instead  - don't mail off to California for elixers and remedies. I think one of the best solutions is simply to talk with people who know what you're going through. Talk - read a little.  It can help.
      I'm purposely keeping the scope of this very narrow. So many sites have resource after resouce after resourec, and you wade through miles of words - and find many times that you're treading water. And you're depression offers no help. You feel overwhelmed and apathetic - and the menace wins again.This site is only my experience - to hopefully aid in providing  a feeling of similarity, while also providing  a place for discussion.
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