Hole physics, teleportation and levitation, V1,nr. 1, August 2001

Comments to first number of HPTL Journal


    The Journal is published when the interest to superluminal processes in the world has considerably fallen, because of  the publication of some critical articles about impossibility of FTL transfer of information in recent experiments of faster than light group speed of optical impulses. The general opinion is expressed now by such slogans as «Careful with FTL speeds!'.  Under the same point of view  is examined also hole teleportation, though HT has absolutely different nature. It is especially surprising because it is impossible to find a teleportation experiment with causality violation. All examples of causality violation from the references contains errors, that allows to assume, that this phenomenon has more common nature connected not only with hole teleportation. Also was shown, that realization of teleportation of bodies faster than light should not result in relativity falling, it is necessary to specify its field of action only. The Journal paid a special attention to the relativity because this is basic obstacle for faster than light address teleportation of heavy bodies. The Journal also republish some data of hole physics and the new information was added.

The Editor of HPTL Journal

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