Hole physics, teleportation and levitation, V1, nr. 1, August 2001

The foreword

ššššš The mission of HPTL Journal is publication of scientific papers about physical processes with participation of vacuum holes in space and time, teleportation and other non-mechanical methods of motion. The journal is necessary as there are no journals specialized in hole physics today in the world. After discovery of vacuum holes will be two ways for development of events in physics. The first way is the most probable when the modern physics will absorb this particle without any difficulties and consequences just as has contained in itself a lot of other particles and phenomena which has discovered in the past. But is considerably more interesting the second way, where vacuum holes may show all the advantages. So it is possible to build a very simple and beautiful physical picture of the world where all properties of vacuum holes are used. Such theory is building on the basis of known position, that the nature always chooses the most simple way. For example, if there are two equal in rights theoretical variants of interactions with many and one particle, the nature most likely will choose the second variant. It depends also if such choice simplify or complicates other areas of physics. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to think, that the second variant results in new physics. The description of physical processes on nuclear distances will have changed only, whereas all rest physics remains without any changes. Nobody may assert, that knows a true picture of processes occurring there, as this description is building theoretically on the basis of experimental data. The proof is that this description was considerably changing during historically small time. The HPTL Journalš offers you to look at the world from the point of view of hole physics, will be published articles in both directions.
ššš Now it is impossible to ignore or cancel the existence of vacuum holes , because first holes can be detected experimentally, and for second, vacuum holes offer the extremely attractive teleportation method. Before in references has discussed impracticable methods of teleportation of bodies by help of black holes or quantum teleportation. Now hole teleportation offers a simple and technological method of instantaneous teleportation of heavy bodies on very large distances, even on astronomical scales,š therefore the humanity aspiring to stars will not have forgot this method already for ever. The hole teleportation has no competitors on interstellar distances, not exist another method able to send you on distance of billions light years. Realization of teleportation and other ideas of hole theory will transform our civilization in a much more degree than introduction of cars and computers. After realization of hole teleportation the probability of humanity death from natural or technological accidents will disappear for ever because a human cities will appear in a different long-range points of universe, therefore even explosions of supernova will have the local action only, just as car accidents may not affect existence of all civilization. Hole teleportation will enable humanity to research and colonize all universe.

Jule 3,š 2001

The Editor of HPTL Journal
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