There are HPTL journals in libraries from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Romania. In nearest future a journal will appear in other countries.

For example in Russia you can find a journal in following libraries:

The Russian State Library (Moscow)
The Russian national library (St. Petersburg)
Library of the Russian Academy of sciences (St. Petersburg)
State public scientific and technical library of the Siberian branch
The Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk)
Parliamentary library of Russian Federation (Moscow)
Library of Administration of the President of Russian Federation (Moscow)
The Khabarovsk regional scientific library (Khabarovsk)
Scientific library Goricogo, MGU Lomonosov. (Moscow)
State Public Scientific and Technical Library (Moscow)
The All-Russia institute of the scientific and technical information of the Russian Academy of sciences (Moscow)
State Public Historical Library of Russian Federation (Moscow)
State political library (Moscow)
The Central Polytechnical library (Moscow)

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