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Here are the details that need to be followed by the authors if  you want your paper to be published rapidly.

Methods of submission
Files may be on 3.5 inch disk formatted with MS-DOS version 3.0 or later to 720 kbytes or 1.4 Mbytes.
A single compressed file containing an archive of your text and graphics files should be sent, as an attachment where possible, to the journalís e-mail address with the words electronic submission in the subject line. Please do not send each of your text and graphics files as separate e-mails as this causes a considerable delay in processing your submission.

Successful processing of submissions sent by e-mail will be acknowledged by e-mail. If you do not receive a notification of the successful processing of your files within one week of submission you should contact the journal by mail.

PAGE CHARGES: Authors will be asked to pay a charge of $10 per journal page for articles.
 Authors or their employers will be invoiced for production  costs sufficient to cover the cost of publication in excess of  subscription funds received. This will never exceed $10/page. The HPTL will try to match donors with authors from developing  countries so that all acceptable manuscripts can be published.

 Each author whose paper is published in the HPTL journal will  be sent a copy of the Journal as soon as the page charges are  paid.

TITLE should list (1) the article title; (2) the authors' names and affiliations at the time the work was conducted; (3) a concise running title; (4) suggested keywords for indexing.

ABSTRACT: An abstract must be submitted that does not exceed 80 words in length. This should be concise and complete without reference to the body of the paper.

   Manuscripts should be prepared using past issues as a guide.

Contact information
If you have any queries, questions or suggestions, then please contact:
Mail address: Lesanu C.Z., MD-5032, Moldova (Rep.), Prajila jud. Soroca

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