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So glad you stopped by the sign-up page and happy you decided to join. The ring members have been increasing gradually and now generate a fairly generous amount of visitors.

There aren't that many rules for your site to be accepted within this webring, the main requirement is that your site, or some of the pages are dedicated to the romance and secretive fun of Valentines Day, but have to STRESS should not contain ADULT CONTENT


Ring Description

A new, vibrant and fun webring for Valentine pages around the world to share your romantic ideas and fun, loving, inspirational webpages.
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What Does this Ring Offer You?

1. Increased exposure resulting in more traffic to your web page.

2. The ability to view other webpages in the same category without endless searches on the net.

3. A feeling of being part of a community of similar interests.

4. Help and guidance can be provided with setting up your pages if necessary.

5. Speedy addition to the ring, no sitting in a queue for weeks.



1. Site should contain Valentines Day related content. Romance, love, valentine graphics, relationship categories and personal websites offering greeting card services are welcome too.

2. Business sites are acceptable, but it must be made clear here, that no business sites are endorsed by the Secret Lovenote's Webring.

3. Charitable and non-profitable organisations definitely welcome.

4. Please ensure your web site has no broken or missing links and graphics.

5. The site should contain an acceptable amount of content and not just be lists of links.

6. As mentioned above absolutely no adult content/material, abuse or links to the same will be acceptable.

7. Please ensure the webring code is placed on the page you have submitted the url for, or is easily nagivated to via your page menu, in order that people surfing the ring can easily find it.

8. Please remember to save the chosen logo for this webring on your own site and please do not resize or alter the image in any way.

9. If you really HAVE to change the webring code for a reason, please seek permission from the Webring Manager beforehand.

10. Site should be available for viewing all year round, please contact the Ring Manager if you wish your site to be deleted from the webring.

Thank you for complying with these conditions, they are for the benefit of everyone using the webring.


Here are the "new" logo's please choose one to use along with the code on your webpage. There are four, so if you prefer to match the colour scheme and style to suit your page, there hopefully is one to suit. Right click the image to save to your hard drive and upload to your website.

It is very important to change the image name in the HTML ringcode to whichever logo you decide to use.

for instance you will find this line within the code
img src=""
you will need to replace SLNlogo1.jpg with SLNlogo3.jpg or whichever image name you have chosen, making sure you put the correct directory and path where you will be uploading that image to your own server, and save,

for example img src= "Images/logo3.jpg"
I hope that is helpful for you.



Here is how your webring set up should look, depending on which image you choose to display.

This Secret Lovenote's Valentines Webring site
owned by Secret Lovenote's

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Once you have completed the form and clicked on the "Add my site" button you will be given the code to enter onto your webpage. Copy and paste the code into your webpage. Also remember that this ringcode must be displayed on your webpage before you can be added to the ring.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you are experiencing problems and I will do my best to assist. This webring is meant for fun, relaxation and leisure, not stress :o)


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