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This webpage is the *GATEWAY* to MANY German Pinscher health issues
which have their own webpages or links to webpages on eye and hip-testing,
"Vaccinosis" caused by vaccine shots, the effects of nutrition on immune systems
and growth patterns, and alternative methods of curing DIS-eases.
Many German Pinscher breeders are working *together* to preserve
the special and unique qualities of our RARE breed,
in as "HEALTHY" as way as possible.

After 45 years of "rescue," and the last 10 years of breeding Miniature and German Pinschers, I have learned a new term...


"Natural Rearing" is an attempt by many animal owners to keep them as close to their genetic roots and provide an overall environment of as close to the true wild as possible -- without exposing them to the dangers of actually living in the wild. Thus the animal eats the food it would have eaten, if were free to fend for itself, but it will have a steady supply; and over a 2-3 week period of time, it should be balanced with the nutrients it needs, without having to *hunt* for a steady source of food.

"Holistic"refers to health, lifestyle, and considering "The Big Picture" of feeding a raw diet of untainted food, pure water, fresh herbs, etc -- all of these merely being components of the overall concepts. If you feed a raw diet and vaccinate heavily you are defeating your purpose, and also not caring for your pet in a holistic manner. Conversely, if you feed commercially and try to use homeopathy instead of antibiotics, etc, you might have some small success but then again might not. "Holistic" care would be considering all aspects of the animal: mental, physical, & genetic in forming decisions concerning their environment, and addressing problems as a whole instead of piece-meal.

Why not obtain a bitch of type and substance that is free of known health defects and use a stud be it a linebred or outcross, using the same criteria? In my opinion, all animals on this earth have been affected in some way by all the pollution & pesticides in it. By feeding a natural diet to both parents and pups, keeping everyone vaccine free, building their immune system with supplements, using holistic interventions when called upon, you will be going a long way to strengthen your lines. It may take 3-4 generations of doing this to obtain truly healthy pups, but many breeders have done this and are doing it with great success.

Through the links below, and the many mail lists I have to which I have subscribed, I have grown in my awareness of good health, stronger immune systems, and a better balance of nutrition. I discovered many benefits of a diet of RAW bones and RAW food addressing the fact that grains and dairy are NOT a canine-specific diet. Heat processed, dry dog food (kibble) kills essential enzymes and vitamins and "cheap" dog food is mainly corn or rice -- neither of which are what canines were designed to eat: RAW meat, RAW bones, and pulverized vegetables (stomach contents of their herbivore kills). It's fascinating that people feel confident that they know how to feed their child, but they have to buy pre-made food for their dog.

The value of this page is not in what *I* can tell you about health and diet, but in the valuable links below, which contain the "words of wisdom" of experts in the field of medicine and nutrition. "You are what you eat" is just an expression of those who understand the delicate balance of nutrition and good health, or garbage and DIS-ease. Our pets rely on us to feed them and take care of their physical needs. Within these links, you will discover the effects of dying, diseased, and dead animals in commercially prepared dog/cat foods on the ever-increasing physical problems of our aging pets.

You can also find benefits of Alternative methods of healing which do perform miracles, without the deadly side-effects of steroids, and unnecessary antibiotics -- often prescribed before tests can substantiate their use. Vaccinations and "booster" shots may be giving your animals cancerous growths and killing them, instead of protecting them, as has been revealed by university medical school research.

Don't forget to bookmark this page, and come back and check out the valuable resources below. The categories are divided into eight more pages, for easier downloading and access to *Oooodles* of links which will start you on a journey into a new world of good health for your furbabies. Many thanks to all my cyber-friends who helped me find many of these links. If you know of good Health & Nutrition URL links that I've missed, PLEASE contact me: holistic@atlantic.net

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