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    Acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, message therapy, vitamin therapy, and chiropractics are the most common forms of holistic medicine. When it comes to preventive medicine or the treatment of chronic, degenerative diseases, holistic medicine surpasses conventional medicine, which excels only in procedures for acute and emergency health care.

    Medical intervention using conventional modalities, while giving people the opportunity to live longer lives (increasing quantity of life), rarely guarantees a better quality of life. Holistic medicine, however, aims at fine-tuning a patient's body, mind and spirit as a whole by treating the person rather than the disease, thus greatly improving the patient's well being.

    Our clinic is specialized in treating Parkinson's disease and overreact bladder (incontinence) by acupuncture therapy, a gentle drug free adjust that stimulates body balance to relieve the symptoms, a revolutionary technique.

    Our Mission:

    • Introduce Chinese Medicine to American people.
    • Supplement conventional medicine by improving patients' overall wellness and wholeness.

    Feel free to send me an email for more information.