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<28 Jan 1999 From: Yumi  Re: IP-6>

I found some info on IP-6.

Title Novel anticancer function of inositol hexaphosphate: inhibitionof human rhabdomyosarcoma in vitro and in vivo.
Author Vucenik I; Kalebic T; Tantivejkul K; Shamsuddin AM
Address Department of Medical and Research Technology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore 21201, USA.
Source Anticancer Res, 18(3A):1377-84 1998 May-Jun
Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is a naturally occurring polyphosphorylated carbohydrate that has been shown to suppress the growth of epithelial cancers, including those of breast and colon. The objective of this study was to investigate whether IP6 inhibits growth of rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS), a tumor of mesenchymal origin, which is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children. We performed both in vitro and in vivo studies to evaluate the effect of IP6 on human RD cells growth. Our results show that IP6 suppresses growth of rhabdomyosarcoma cell line (RD) in vitro in a dose-dependent fashion. A 50% inhibition of cell growth (IC50) was induced by < 1.0 mM IP6. However, the removal of IP6 from the media, after 72 hours of treatment,
allowed cells to recover their logarithmic growth. Exposure of RD cells to IP6 led to differentiation; cells became larger with abundant cytoplasm, expressing higher levels of muscle-specific actin. Consistent with in vitro observation, IP6 suppressed RD cell growth in vivo, in a xenografted nude mice model. When compared to controls, IP6-treated mice produced a 25 fold smaller tumors (p = 0.008), as observed after a two weeks treatment. In a second experiment, wherein the treatment period
was extended to five weeks, a 49 fold (p = 0.001) reduction in tumor size was observed in mice treated with IP6. Histologically no evidence of tumor cell necrosis was observed. These data suggest a potential usefulness of this cytostatic, and non-cytotoxic,
compound in novel therapeutic strategies for these types of tumor.

Title IP6: a novel anti-cancer agent.
Author Shamsuddin AM; Vucenik I; Cole KE
Address University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore 21201-1192, U.S.A.
Source Life Sci, 61(4):343-54 1997
Inositol hexaphosphate (InsP6 or IP6) is ubiquitous. At 10 microM to 1 mM concentrations, IP6 and its lower phosphorylated forms (IP(1-5)) as well as inositol (Ins) are contained in most mammalian cells, wherein they are important in regulating vital cellular functions such as signal transduction, cell proliferation and differentiation. A striking anti-cancer action of IP6 has been
demonstrated both in vivo and in vitro, which is based on the hypotheses that exogenously administered IP6 may be internalized, dephosphorylated to IP(1-5), and inhibit cell growth. There is additional evidence that Ins alone may further enhance the anti-cancer effect of IP6. Besides decreasing cellular proliferation, IP6 also causes differentiation of malignant cells often resulting in a reversion to normal phenotype. These data strongly point towards the involvement of signal transduction
pathways, cell cycle regulatory genes, differentiation genes, oncogenes and perhaps, tumor suppressor genes in bringing about the observed anti-neoplastic action of IP6.

-- Yumi

<29 Jan 99  From: GoForaSail Re: IP - 6 new natural treatment tor cancer>

Hi all,

Dr A Shamsuddin, the developer of IP6 which is in Enzymatic therapy's Cell Forte product was on the radio today. It has only been on the market since March of 98. Some patients called in who were using it and it evidently is HIGHLY effective for the shrinkage of cancerous tumors down to next to nothing  - if not completely. There are lab tests both ones that he has done and others testing the formulation that are available.

This is something that should be obtainable from a good health food store or DEFINITELY a naturopath.

Some of the info is on some  Medline web-site on the web, however, I couldn't  find it. I will find out more and get back to you. All I know is Jane Jansen was awfully excited about this stuff as her sister had cancer and was taking it this summer and barely has a trace of it left.

<18 Apr 99  From: "Kathy" <kashmir@ Re: [HOL] IP6 articles>

Hi all

I did some searching and found some articles on IP6 if anyone's interested. There's only one that's technical, though I'm sure there are dozens more if anyone cares to look for them. The rest are news releases and such. The technical one (the part that I read, anyway) *seems* to conclude that the evidence just isn't that strong, and that there may be a danger that IP6 will leach important minerals (though they didn't come down *against* IP6 either). They also mentioned that it *might* be useful in the treatment of oxalate crystals. The other websites are all very positive in support of IP6 and cancer treatment.








Take care all
Kathy and the cats

<3 May 99 From: Linda <ljmoore@ Re: [HOL] IP-6>

Hi all,

Just wanted to post an update on Natasha and the IP-6.  She is continuing to do better every day, so I am gradually backing off her phenobarbital.  I stayed home from work today with a nasty cold/flu and she slept with me on the bed all day,purring the entire time.  I've been mixing the IP-6 in with everyone's food and I can see a difference in the other cats too.  Today
Holly, Heidi's 18 yr old CRF littermate was feeling so good she was rolling around on the floor chasing her tail and playing in a paper grocery sack like she was a kitten.  She was definitely feeling good and showing off.  I can't tell you the last time I saw her feel so good-it's been years.  And yes, I'm taking the IP-6 too , but haven't seen such dramatic results with me yet.

Question about feeding raw.  I am considering doing the turkey tenderloin thing as a treat.  Can I use either a little Oscar food processor of a fullsize Oster food processor to chop/grind the meat.?  I think the texture will be a little different, but it they should still eat it ,right?

Linda, Natasha, Holly and their Fuzzy Family

<2 May 99 From: GoForaSail Re: [HOL] Natasha and IP-6>

In a message dated 5/1/99 7:32:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
ljmoore@ writes:
<< Just wanted everyone to know how well IP-6 is working.  I am giving  Natasha 1 capsule a day, mixed in with canned food, along with the  phenobarbital.  She has been on the IP-6 for about a week and a half at this point and the difference is incredible.  Her personality is just about back to pre-seizure days and her mobility is coming back.  >>


That sounds excellent!  Did I ever get back to you with what I found out from Jane Jansen the other day re theraputic dosages of IP-6 for a cat? She said 2 caps a day between meals..but if one is helping maybe that is good enough. For a person with cancer 10 caps 2x per day is a theraputic dose.

<<One sad note though   :((     My almost 18yr old CRF baby Heidi died suddenly last Saturday morning.  She fought me giving her fluids Friday. When I went to feed her Sat morning, she had a seizure and died.>>

Sorry to hear this. : (   Sounds like Heidi had a great life with you tho! She must have been the equivalent of 120 in human years or so!


<13 May 99 From: Linda  <ljmoore@ Re: [HOL] Vit C and things...>

Hi Diane,

The IP-6 has done WONDERS for Natasha.  Until I started her on the IP-6, the we had her on 1/4 gr of phenobarbital 2X daily to keep the seizures and hallucinations under control.  This was 3 X higher than the normal dose, but it was all we had to give her any kind of quality time.  I notices a difference with the IP-6 within a week,  Natasha's mobility got better ( she was very stiff through her hips and hind end) and her personality started to return to normal.  I started her on IP-6 apx 4/20, and it's to a point now where she is completely off the phenobarbital and is climbing in bed with me again, wants to be held and petted.   I was skeptical at first and cautious, because I wasn't sure about dosage, so I started with 1/2 capsule daily  she weighed 5.7 lbs).  As I could see such a dramatic improvement and read more about it, I upped her dosage to 1 capsule per day ( she' up to apx 7.5
lbs now).  You might want to check prices at a couple HFS before you buy.  I initially paid 29.95, but later at a different HFS, same Cell-Forte IP-6 was on sale for 23.95, plus free copy of paperback book by Dr.S and free cassette tape- just during May.  Book is extremely helpful.  Yes, I did taste it myself-really has no taste, or slightly sweet.  It is probably absorbed better when given on empty stomach, but capsules are really big and it would be a battle for me.  I mix it in with canned food.

Good luck-Purrs,
Linda, Natasha and the Furfamily

-----Original Message-----
From: Diane May 12, 1999 11:35 PM
Subject: Re: [HOL] Vit C and things...

>Hi Linda...

>> I open the capsules and mix the IP-6 directly in with food.

>Do you use one capsule per meal or per day?  I noticed on the bottle
>it says to give between meals, but I know I could never get it down
>Mariah unless it were mixed in with the food.  Do you know if it has
>a taste?  Have you noticed a difference in Natasha since you started
>using it?

< 15 May 1999 From: vick <vick@ Re: [HOL] IP6 and stuff>

Hi all -

Just a little reminder:

IP-6 and other supplements can be ordered thru the following link to mothernature.com. Not only are their prices a bit lower, but a percentage of your sale goes to the Holisticat list fund :)

You can access mother nature thru the website at http://www.holisticat.com/products.html I just checked and they do have
Cell Forte with IP-6, as well as most everything else we talk about, supplement-wise.

Remember - in order for Holisticat to get any money, you hafta access them thru our site. Links to mother nature are at the bottom of each FAQ and article that suggests supplements, too :)

Vick and the kitty company: Skippy, Sam, Max and Jezebel

<15 May 99  From: GoForaSail Re: [HOL] Vit C and things...>

In a message dated 5/13/99 12:44:53 AM Eastern Daylight Time, dhicks@ writes:

<< I open the capsules and mix the IP-6 directly in with food.  Do you use one capsule per meal or per day?  I noticed on the bottle  it says to give between meals, but I know I could never get it down  Mariah unless it were mixed in with the food.  Do you know if it has  a taste?  Have you noticed a difference in Natasha since you started  using it?   >>

To anyone who is interested, the theraputic dose of IP-6 for a cat would be two caps twice a day..considering it is 10 caps twice a day for a human according to what I heard Dr Shamsudden say during the radio interview with Dr Jansen's people.


<15 May 1999 From: Dan and Laurie Isdell <dli@  Re: [HOL] Re: IP-6>

Diane Hicks wrote:

<< Thanks, Emily.  I found the Cell Forte IP-6 at the hfs...now I just need to find out from the doctor if this should replace the
Proanthozone or be given in addition to it.>>

Hi Diane,

I'll just butt in and say that it would be in addition to it.  IP6 is a variety of inositol, a B vitamin.  Inositol hexaphosphate, aka
phytic acid (thought to be one of the ingredients in cereal fiber that helps prevent cancer).  It won't interfere with the Proanthozone. I looked at what you said was in it, and they seem like good things, but nothing that would be a problem or the same as the IP6. Could you tell me specifically which amino acids, and what the "etc." is?  It looks like most of the antioxidant action would be from the grape seed.  We give Tribble (and ourselves) capsules of grape seed extract for that purpose.  It's very similar to pine bark (pycnogenol), but less expensive.

According to the little book about it, Ip6 also prevents kidney stones and fatty liver, lowers cholesterol, increases immunity, and
prevents free radical damage.  It normalizes cancer cells and stops them from growing by interfering with the PI-3 kinase enzyme.  Sounds like maybe a different enzyme than the Proanthozone is supposed to work on.  It also mentions that it works best in combination with  inositol, so I would add that, too.  It's also quite non-toxic, unlike a few of the B vitamins which you can overdose.  You could ask Emily to fax you the several page printout she has about IP6, or I can send you my copy but it will be second-generation.  I'm happy to give more info from the book if anyone wants.

BTW, SOD is super-oxide-dismutase, an anti-oxidant.

A chin-scratch to Mariah from me and a head-but from Tribble, Laurie and Tribble

<16 May 99 From: GoForaSail@ Re: [HOL] Re: IP-6>

In a message dated 5/16/99 10:18:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ANWalter@writes:
<< I was told that a cat gets about one eight dosage of a human.  >>


In general that is a good rule of thumb but if the cat is very sick with cancer you can go a lot higher. The human IP-6 dose is just 2 caps twice a day but that is for someone who isn't really sick. If the humans is sick with cancer they can take 10 caps twice a day. The people where I first learned about IP-6 who may be among the first practitioners in the country to have started having their patients use it tell me that for a cat, (with cancer) a theraputic dose would be 2 caps twice a day. If the cat isn't sick, you could use a lot less maybe 1/4  to 1/2 of a cap.


<17 May 99 From: GoForaSail Re: [HOL] IP6 and stuff>

In a message dated 5/16/99 11:22:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, dhicks@ writes:
<< Can you tell me  exactly what type, or brand, of colloidal silver I would need to use  for the kitties? >>

If you want 10ppms CS you want Futurebiotics.

<19 May 99 From: GoForaSail@ Re: [HOL] Re: IP-6>

In a message dated 5/19/99 1:09:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time, dhicks@ writes:

<< I think the Cell Forte formula includes both IP-6 and inositol.  Are  you saying I might need to add *more* inositol? >>

Yes it does and *don't* add more inositol. The Cell Forte Product is *specially formulated* In fact, I wouldn't give any other B Vitamins that might throw off the balance of the Cell Forte. The Cell Forte IP-6 is the only formulation that Dr Shamsuddin has done all the tests on.


<20 May 99 From: GoForaSail Re: [HOL] Re: IP-6 for healthy cats>

In a message dated 5/20/99 8:23:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time, dhicks@ writes:
<< We'll be starting the IP-6 today.  What would you suggest as a good  starting dose?  She weighs about 8 lbs. if that is significant.  I  think once you mentioned two capsules twice a day - is that still your recommendation? >>

Yes. At least that is what I understand Dr Jansen's people say "for a cat" but  isn't the range for adult cats between 3 and 20+ lbs or so?  Maybe 1 cap two times a day would be good to start


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