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<25 Aug 98 From: GoForaSail@ Re: [HOL] Chemo for Cats>

In a message dated 98-08-25 02:59:49 EDT, you write:
<< Willard Water in a cancer fighting regime, but I've not got any experience  with it and haven't investigated it, but someone else may know more about  it. >>

Willard Water is similar to the water TAkionic sells. TAkionic products simulate the energy of the sun and "turn chaos into order". Takionic also sells special water. I believe Willard water is the same idea and does basically the same thing as as the Takionic water. It may help to turn cancer cells back into normal cells when used in a cancer fighting regime.


<27 Aug 98 From: katseven@ Re: [HOL] Willard Water>

Hi Sandy,

Here's a definition of WW from _the Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care, p. 295: "Catalyst Altered Water or Willard Water is a concentrate of microscopic particles (called micelle) of lignite containing natural antibiotics, germicidals, amino acids, and over 50 trace minerals." It is supposed to improve the "assimilation of nutrients" and reduce "stress reactions."

I gave it to George to help w/ his URI and prevent anemia (this was just a guess since many felv+ cats seem to lack/crave essential minerals.)  I haven't tried it  consistently on myself yet.  I bought the concentrate at a health food store.


<29 Aug 1998 From: katseven@ Re: [HOL] Willard Water>

Hi Sandy,

<< I should probably check their website for a backdown of contents.  I guess it doesn't have an excess of chlorine or sodium.>>

These are the active ingredients in Willard Water from the label:  Water, CAW Micelle, fossilized organics from refined lignite.  Caw Micelle: Sodium Meta Silicate, Sulfated Castor oil, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate.

Here are some specifc instructions for usage w/ Puff: "Use two tablespoons [of WW] per gallon [of distilled water] for daily use.
The only potential side effect when animals drink more than they need is diarrhea." p. 296, _The Encycl. of Nat. Pet Care_.

The label doesn't list how much of these ingredients are in the water, but they are there in trace amounts so you should be okay. I just gave George a small bowl of WW in place of his spring water while he was suffering w/ his URI.


<31 Jan 1999 From: katseven@  Re: [HOL] Jarydd's dry skin>

Hi all,

Hans, I don't know about dosage of fish body oil, but did anyone suggest Willard Water for Jarydd's coat?  CJ Puotinen says this will help with improving  skin and coat. You can put WW in the drinking water and apply it topically to  improve assimilation of nutrients. (1 TBSP of WW per quart of drinking water for animals under stress; 2TBSP per gallon of water for daily use) She also notes that brushing the fur will help with circulation.


<17 Feb 1999 From: Hans and Susan  Re: [HOL] willard water>

Dear Judy and List:

I had a lot of trouble finding Willard Water myself.  I couldn't find anyone who had even heard of it.  This is what I ended up doing:  I ordered it from the "Nutrition Coalition" at WillardWtr@aol.com.  I got information re:  toll free number etc. off their website: http://www.willardswater.com/

Also, on their website they say that they guarantee the best price.  I asked them to beat the price from "Health World Online":


I sent "Nutrition Coalition" the link and they did, in fact, beat the price.  I received the Willard Water a couple of days after ordering it which was great as I'm in British Columbia and it comes from the States.  Maybe this method will work for you also.


<03 Apr 1999 From: Leah Re: [HOL] Willard water>

At 04:15 PM 4/3/99 +0000, you wrote:

<<Has anyone tried this stuff?  I found a small bottle for about $5, and  I'd heard so much about it, that I thought I'd try it for $5.  What does  it DO?  Is it just minerals?>>


On another list in which I participate they have had some discussions in the past about it; I'll see what I can dig up.  In the meantime, there's a couple pages of discussion in the Volhard book "Holistic Guide for a Healthy D**"; also the book Aqua Vitae by Roy Jacobsen.   Here's some general information from the discussion:  "one of the ingredients is fossilized organics from refined lignite. Lignite is a source of trace minerals, nutrients and amino acids, humic acids and carbon. Researchers have also found traces of antibiotics that occur naturally in lignite."

It's good for inflamed areas, relieving pain in a cut and promotes healing. (This is also from the above book).  I've heard of people using it for their animals when traveling to prevent problems with the water; also helps with stress.  I have not used it myself for my pets,  but given this information, it doesn't sound like a bad idea!


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