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Hair Gaine Triple Pack 


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Price for 1 set :  65 $

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Hair Gaine Shampoo
Amino Shampoo that is the most gentle to your scalp. Five times gentler than general baby shampoo. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate that is used commonly as ingredient in other shampoo, dishwashing detergent or even in glass cleaning liquid that irritate and dangerous to your scalp. This amino shampoo will give stronger, healthier hair, eliminating falling hair while stimulating new hair grow, safely and naturally.

1 Bottle 14 $ Contains 250 ml.
 Hair Gaine Conditioner
Conditioner that gives healthier, shinning hair. Adding moisture and balancing . No silicone and Greserline????? Added.

1 Bottle 14 $ Contains 250 ml.

Hair Gaine Serum
serum Serum that is very important to stimulate new hair grow, in a very short time. From research made by Shiba and Nihon Universities, the success result in new hair growth is up to 92% when use continuously for 12 weeks. Contains no alcohol. 100% safe to your scalp.

1 Bottle 14 $ Contains 30 ml.
Muti Mineral Amino Acid Brand Gemini
Amino Acid Chelate contains minerals that are good for your hair. "Gemini is a perfect combination of essential minerals such as Zinc and Manganese in the form of food supplement, formulated in the correct balance, suitable for anybody that has hair loss and hair growth problems.  The pills help  to make healthier, stronger hair roots that is important for the reduction of hair loss while stimulating new hair growth, in very short time."

1 Bottle 25 $ Contains 60 Capsuls


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