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Hi my name is Maria, but my friends call me Dody.
I was born October 7th, 1968 in a small town in Michigan, USA. I was the last of ten children. 8 girls and 2 boys to be exact. I lost my mother on July 3, 1996 and she is missed terribly! (I have dedicated a page in her memory, it's called Memories). My Father is still with us and for that i thank God!
I am the mother of two beautiful children, Kaili Esmeralda who will be 5 in Dec. and William Michael who will be 2 in Oct.
I hope as you go through my pages you will find as much joy as I do.
All the pages are linked to very special people in my life and I am very happy to share them with you.
My Lil' Angels
Kaili Esmeralda Holland
William Michael Holland
This is me
Dody Holland
I like many things!  I like to surf the web, work on my pages and most of all I love chatting with my friends.  I also like outdoor things such as fishing, camping, riding bike and long midnight drives. I like miniture golf all sorts of games (computer, card and board games),and watching horror movies . So as you can see I like alot of things. Well I hope you enjoy your stay at Holland Central, and I hope you stop by again sometime.
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The Nursery
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