3.09.05 I added a few pictures to the Group Gallery. I also added 3 pictures to Holly's Gallery. Party this weekend, expect more pictures in the Group Section!

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2.06.05 I created all the pages under Holly. There is now a bio and a gallery page, and of course email. As of right now, i'm not sure when i'll be uploaded the rest of them but i'll be sure and post to let you know!

2.03.05 Cherry Bomb has been born! We decided to create this site mainly as a joke that only a few people will get. But were also using it to post a few things about ourselves and to keep galleries of pictures and to post most of our links to other things/sites we are involved in. Be sure to sign the guestbook! <3<3



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Thanks for visiting our site! Be sure to sign the guestbook and let us know what you think! <3 Esp, those of you who really know what this site means. ;] <3, Holly

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