Hi there, I have created this page to tell you a bit about me and my interests .

To begin with, my intrests are animals, especially cats and horses, reading and listening to music. If I get some time, I may dedicate a page to each of those interests. But for now I wanted to touch on these and a bit more.
Lets see. I love riding horses but I don't currently own one.Maybe someday... I have two cats right now and one dog. She is a purebred Border Collie.

As for books, my favorites are Anne McCaffery, Piers Anthony and other similar writers. Science Fiction/ Fantasy all the way.

My favorite music artist is Enya who is considered to be New Age or Celtic. I will definately be creating a page on her because she is soo cool and extremely talented. Other than that, I am a country fan. Garth Brooks, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Diamond Rio.
,br> I am currently studying to get my Bachelors Degree in Anthropology/Archaeology. Its been a long haul since I have been out of school for so long but I am about half done now.
I am a single parent of two kids who has changed my life a lot over the last four years. The bar scene bores me and I rarely drink: I would rather cuddle up at home with a good movie or just go for a walk.I am looking for new friends from Alberta so I could actually see him sometimes to begin a relationship. Maturity, honesty and intelligence impresses me the most. So if this sounds like you e-mail or IM me on yahoo.

Please be patient as I will be working on this a bit at a time

click to see a page about my favorite musician

check out my cat page too