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:: march 30, 2003
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"When I was three, I asked for an electric guitar, luckily, my Father had an old acoustic guitar he let me drag around wherever I went."

And boy are we glad he let her drag it around! If you've never heard of Hollie Poole (well, firstly - shame on you!) we have a little smattering of information to introduce you to her!

Hollie is a ‘blues/rock' artist, although one song of her's is ‘alternative country' (so very exciting)! She has a unique and stellar voice, that is currently backing up Jo Dee Messina, since Hollie does background vocals in her band! Not to forget - Hollie is a kick... butt songwriter too! She's written two songs for SheDaisy that are on "The Whole SheBang" and "Knock on the Sky".

So anyways, Hollie rocks and we know it... and we're trying to get you to feel the same way! Check out the stuff we've got on here and make yourselves a little smarter!