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Membership Directories

  Personalize the directory of your organization by using photos of your employees or members.  Information and photo recognition all in one convenient package.  Directories are updated every six months, if necessary.  Additions, corrections, deletions, and other edits can be made at that time.  Your directory can be delivered by Email, CD-Rom, disk, or a hard copy.  Call for more information concerning your specific needs.

Example Directory Page:


Custom Calendars

Let me create a personal calendar just for you!

A great gift for any time of the year!


Contact Information

If you are interested in my services, contact me through Working Order:

Hollingsworth Digital Photo Productions

c/o Working Order

1650 Main St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15215

412 - 782 - 5344



Working Order is a non-profit organization that creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through entrepreneurship and community partnerships.  We want to use the power of cooperation to create a fully integrated, diverse working community.  Working Order provides the services of a small business incubator for people with disabilities, people with other obstacles to employment, community partners, and students in transition.