Holly Marie Moore
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~Here is my story: I am a 19 year old college student at Ferris State University. I am loving the whole college thing. My major is (finally) Elementary Education. I have come to this decision after three major changes in one semester. So at this rate, next semester,I might want to be a veterenarian
~I am a very lovely young lady, I think I am kind of easy to get along with. One individual has even gone so far as to say that I have no bitchy side to me. (you know who you are) I`m pretty girly. My favorite colors are pink, and baby blue
~Without my friends, I am nothing. I am just one of those people who needs other people to survive. I dont have a million friends, but those that I do have, I hold close. So thanks, you guys.......

~My main hobby or interest right now is my man.I know that is not every day that you fall in love, and there is not one single day that goes by where I do not appreciate what I have. When you find something so beautiful, you cant help but to feel blessed....and I do NOT take it for granted. Not for one single moment. My baby knows exactly what I want, and what I need. He can make me laugh, and he can be serious. He can just make me feel so so good about my life, and he makes me want to be a better person. He is the best, and if he is reading this..Thank you, and I LOVE YOU!
~The other things that I enjoy are Rap music, My friends, MTV, and I even kind of like school. But not too much!

This may be somewhat of a reapeat of the interests part of this page. My best friend is this HOOCHIE MAMA named Sarah Vansyckle. SHe and I have been B/F since the 9th grade.
My second best friend is my little sister, Ivy Carson. Man, this girl is 15 years old, and she is like 6 inches taller than I am. She can beat my ass. Maybe I should have been nicer to her when we were younger.
My third best friend is my boyfriend, who you heard about earlier. *sigh*