.: Welcome to Holly Marie World :.

.: Holly Marie World :.

Hey Holly fans, welcome to Holly Marie World! Thank you for visiting my site. Are you looking for Holly pictures, news or information on Holly and her career? well here's the place to be! AND I update every week so please be sure to check back as often as you can, I am VERY dedicated to Holly and making this site a success! Sorry the site has been down for a while, it was all for a good cause as I did a completely new layout, a big thanks to Corey for his help!. Let me know which layout you like best, your opinions really matter to me, so if there's something you want on the site Email Me any time!! As I said before this is the best place for Holly news: Holly has posted recently on safe searching, so go there and chat to Miss Combs herself! Thanks again, Dianna :-)
I have added 11 pictures to the gallery and i have also won 4 awards this week!, so i decided to make a section on the awards i have won and now you can also win my award, so check it out. I have also updated Holly's Current Month TV Schedule.

My best friend Kat is also making a website, it's called Shannen World, which will be opened soon, so be sure to watch out for it!

Thank you everyone for all the emails and comments about this site, it means alot to me. Take care, Dianna xx


I have decided to move the site again, sorry if i move it too much but this will be the last time. It's going to come back, better than EVER before with a domain AND a new layout, with a better content and options. The new domain will be www.hollymcombs.com BUT since i haven't set up the other layout or moved yet i have linked it to this for time for the time being. Once i have the new site up, i will link it to the domain and i will link the current domain of this site to re-direct anyone who gets lost!. This means i won't update this site for a little while, but this is only because im working very hard on the new site. If there is any news on Holly jouring the move then i will update the news section on this site =) but the tv section will have to wait. There may be a few broken images on this site, but don't worry about it, this is only because im moving the site and they will be fixed!. Be sure to look out for the new and improved site, HollyMCombs.com!. It will be up and running within a month, since i have GCSE exams coming up, wish me luck!. Take care!, Dianna xx