All you ever wanted to know about the Holly Penfield Quintet

what's happening?......

Ok, so it has been a bit of a while since I updated these pages. Since last year Holly has performed in Italy, France and Scicily as well as the Soho Jazz festival..

She also completed ten performances of her one woman show 'Love, Sex and Retro-femmininity" at the Jermain Street theatre in July.

The Quintet's album is still available. "Le Jazz Hot" will make anyone who enjoys the live show very happy. Many of the favourites are there... 'People', 'Mack The Knife', 'Mein Herr' and a few surprises. You can buy the cd direct from Holly at gigs or mail order via the Gay Soho site.

Holly is very well known in and around London. This is what has been said about her so far.

Some of Holly's favourite tunes available to download.

Some sites that have a connection to the band.

Where to catch the band live.

Who is in the band?


To book the band or contact Holly or any other band members please send an email to Ian Ritchie at the following address: