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Holly Brisley  
Holly Brisley
Fan Shrine

Last revised: June 15, 2009.

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Holly News :-

May 2009 _ Holly to return to Home & Away !

Summer Bay is to have a visit from Amanda Vale in July 2009.



Apr 2009 _ Beastmaster

Some kind soul has uploaded a clip of Holly from the 1999 series "Beastmaster" onto YouTube


Feb 2009

Holly Eating For Two

Stack up on the chocolate sardine sandwiches.

Home And Away Yahoo Site has announced that Holly and her husband are expecting.



OCT 2008

"Essence - An Eye on Fashion"

awards at the Hilton Cairns.


The Holly Links page now has a section for
Derek And Clive's Agro site,
which includes some Holly vidcaps
from her AGRO era.
Cartoon Connection


_ Holly to appear at Cairns Hilton

If you live near Cairns, Holly will appear at
"Essence - An Eye on Fashion"
at the Hilton Cairns on Friday 17 Oct.

JULY 2008 _ Holly Running Bare - AGAIN !

The "Running Bare" fashion label has updated their website with new pics of holly for the Spring fashions.

Holly Brisley - Running Bare

JULY 2008

more pics from Home And Away

JUNE 2008

Holly Horror - The Fury

Pre-publicity is beginning to emerge for Holly's new Horror film "The Fury". Holly plays the role of Scarlet in this ghost story set in an abandoned slaughterhouse.



APR 2008

Toon Time for Holly

It doesn't seem that long since Holly was hosting cartoons,
but now Holly has jumped the fence !
Holly has been recruited for a
cartoon series for the ABC ...

Holly Running Bare - NOW !

Following on from the earlier announcement, Holly is now the new face of the "Running Bare" fashion label's 25th Anniversary campaign.


Holly & Toni Pearon
singing up a storm for


FEB 22, 2008 :-


After MONTHS of waiting,
Holly returns to
"Home And Away"



Step Through The Looking Glass...

JAN 2008 - Holly will be Running Bare !

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