Hello and welcome to Holly's Page. My name is Holly Hakala and I am 50 years old and got maried in June of 2002. He is a wondeful man who treats me well.
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I live in Rincon GA almost in Springfield GA in the country., back . My baby son has been in the Army for a year and is stationed in Ft. Detrick Maryland. Adam has gotten out of the Army and married a girl in Maryland JoAnne and they have their first baby Jan 10th 2008. Sydney Romona.

Now a little about myself. I have very many interests, and two passions.  I love to crochet, especially those cute pineapple doilies you see, plus baby blankets, afghans, and have just got into crocheting using graphs and just love it. Did I also mention that I am a premie baby, yep weighed in at 2lbs. 10 ozs. Now my many interests include cooking, fishing, camping, reading historical romances and self-help books, learning to knit, I love trying new foods and my favorite foods are crabs, crawfish and sushi.  Sushi you say, yes and that is a little strange considering where I live but you know I tried it when I moved to Savannah Georgia at my favorite Japanese Restaurant called Sakura's. Down here where I am from that is considered fish bait, but I love it, and the folks here thinks I am nuts, but as I say each to his own.  I love to play table games like monopoly, uno, phase 10, and my favorite is Skipbo! My three topics for this page are (1)Starting over and rediscovering myself at 42 (2)Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome (3)Survival of Domestic Violence. 

Now to my next topic. "Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome". My children are gone, all grown up... Thank God, and living on their own. So I sat for a while on my pity pot and now its time to move on and enjoy life. I enjoy crocheting for my family and friends and if I could ever get my basic needs met I would be a very happy lady. So much has changed since I made this page. I am happily married and When my kids got married then two of them got divorced. Brian is doing okay, he is assistant manager of Chilli's in Savannah, working up from being a cook. He is doing well, learning to drive and buying his own car this past year and recouping from the divorce and missing his girls badly. Bobby is doing okay, but says he will never get married again. I havent gotten to see Sydney yet but will soon I hope. She looks a lot like her Daddy but I can see her momma in her too, she is such a sweet little baby. Kayla and Meagean are growing like little weeds, blonde with blue eyes they are just beautiful children. Thats one thing I can say for sure we cant have any ugly babies in this family.

My son Brian Howell (

Adam Howell, .

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