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Hollywood Gallery

  Here you will find some of the most beaufiful people in the world. I have created this site as a tribute to the beautiful Hollywood stars of the past and present. Stars who have thrilled us, touched our hearts, and made us laugh and cry throughout the long history of Hollywood. It is my goal to create the largest collection of Hollywood photos on the net. Feel free to copy any of these photos for your own use. I only ask that you please don't link directly to this site.
 I plan on making this the one stop site for photos of the stars. Please be patient with some of the pages as they take awhile to load. And please excuse the fact that some of the pages aren't finshed. This site is constantly being updated and worked on in my spare time and sometimes I collect a little more than I work.
So please, sit back and click your way through my gallery of the most beautiful and talented people that have ever lived.