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In memorey
of our angel
Baylee Morgan Langham
          My story
We found out we were going to have our third child in febuary of 2000. We wanted another girl. My pregnancy was going good we moved back around family so we would have more help. Things were very stressful but the baby was doing good, very strong and healthy. I never had a problem .
We went in for an ultrasound at 21 weeks and they told us it was a girl, we already had a name picked out Baylee Morgan our other girls were so excited and so were we. As the day went on I never felt her move I thought maybe she was just tired but it seemed strange because she was always moving.
The next morning she still had not moved so I called the doctor and she told me to eat somthing and drink 32 oz. of water and lay down she should move in 30 minutes. She never moved I was really worried. I called the doctor back she told me to come in.
We got to the doctors office and they tried to find a heart beat but were unable to find one so they sent me for a sonogram we were so scared. When got to the office and there was no movement and no heartbeat they told me she was dead. This was the worst day of our lives. We were sent to the doctors office again she told us she would have to induce and deliver her she thought she would know more after she was delivered since they could find no reason for death.
We made plans to go to the hospital at 10:00 pm that night June 20, 2000. We left our other two girls with my husbands mom and my parents came to the hospital with us.
  We got to the hospital and they induced and Baylee was born 6 hours later the doctor didn't make it in time. She came out with the cord wraped around her three times.
  They brought her in for us to see her and told us cause of death was cord accident. We got to hold her for as long as we wanted. We decided to ask for her again later so family could hold her and see her and we could say goodbye.
  We made plans to bury her in a musoleum in a area called Haven of Angels.
The worst part, was after the service when we had to leave her it felt like my heart had been taken.
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