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Hi and welcome to my first homepage. My name is Lisa, I am 6 ½ years old and live in central Texas. After the summer vacation I will be going into the first grade. As you can see by my homepage, I am also a huge Power Puff Girls fan. I watch them every day and can't wait to see what new adventures they will get into next.

My parents (click here to visit their homepage) and I have not been on the computer long, but I did find some very neat homepages all about the Power Puff Girls. These homepages offer all sorts of stuff to do, like play games, download free stuff and you can even learn how to draw your own Power Puff Girls:

Cartoon Network is the homepage where you will find the TV schedule for the show, some games and also instruction on how to draw your own Power Puff Girls. They also have a lot of other stuff for other cartoon characters.

The Power Puff Girls Webring has links to 36 other homepages who all offer all sorts of stuff about the girls. You can also join this webring if you have a homepage like me, about the Power Puff Girls.

Chris Carter's Powerpuff Girls Sounds Archive has all kinds of sound clips in wave format (some in MP3). He sorted them into all kinds of categories, including one each for Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

Powerpuff Girls CPU Art is my favorite homepage. They have free desktop themes, a screensaver, icons, cursors, wallpaper, and some other stuff to decorate your computer with the Power Puff Girls.

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