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Hi, I'm Siva, I used to develop many programs using VB and Oracle. I gained most of the information about VB using some good sites in web. I gained most of the information about computer programming, digital network, infra structure of atom in hard disc using my brother Sampath Dhanasekaran, Anadh, Paramwswaran, Lenin, professors, friend and web.

My father Dhanasekaran and my mother Vanaja Dhanasekaran

He is my brother Sampath Dhanasekaran and sister-in-law Vijayalakshmi Sampath

She is my brother's daughter Srilakshmi Sampath

I would like to host about
I will host how data stored physically in hard disc, physical reactions that is what is happening to atoms which is in hard disc, physically what is happening in wire (that is in atom which is in wire or bus) when data traveling through TCP/IP network later.

example :
Think deeply how data stored in a atom which is in a hard disc?
Atom is magnetized head.

what is magnetization?
Removing "outer electron" from atom using magnetic head and adding electron to the outer layer of the atom.

then how datastored?
yeah, if the "outermost electron" is added computer will read it as"1", if outer electron is not available computer will read it as "0". So data stored 100% digitally, not like tape recorder tape.

so that we should not keep magnet near hard disc and floppy disc. am I correct?
yeah, if we keep magnet near hard disc the "outermost electron" attracted by magnet.

shall we bring magnet near CD or DVD?
Yeah, nothing will happen, CD concept is different. In hard disc electronplaying in many role to store
"1" and "0". In CD and DVD "1" and "0" stored as "ups &down".

what is "ups&down"?
CD writer will make minute some different kind of crack to storedigit "1" and "0".these cracks are called "ups & down". So CD conceptis different so we can keep magnet near CD or DVD.

so CD writer having facility to crack on CD and
CD-ROM is not having the facility, am I correct?
yeah, In CD writer it passing some different kind of rays
to make crack but CD-ROM passing light rays on it and
reading it.

so once we made crack we can't overwrite on it,so
that we can use CD and DVD only one time forwriting purpose..

one more doubt, DVD contain more "ups & down"compared with CD, so that able to store more data, am I correct?
correct and also distance between two "layers" in a
DVD is very low compared with CD. So DVD contain more layer also.

o.k. we will talk about this later..
ok bye.

Note :
In first question I said data stored in atom for easy assumption,but really data stored in "compound" , that is iron is atom "ironoxide- ferrous oxide" is compound.

please if you found any site related with any deep scientific information write site address here (maximum 70 charector in each box)

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