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Theda Bara

Actress, the original vamp (vampire) of silent movies -
Only 2 or 3 of her many films are known to remain. Sometimes AMC shows "A Fool There Was" which was scandalous in 1914. Bara had a sense of humor about it.


Former home of Theda Bara - sold to Roscoe Arbuckle.
Theda Bara, Thumbnail Theda Bara
Theda Bara, Cleopatra
Theda Bara,  Abbe Thumbnail Theda Bara, James Abbe's photo, 1920
Theda Bara,  Poster Thumbnail Theda Bara, Salome Poster
Theda Bara, unusually, as a Madonna with child
Theda Bara, natural, without makeup
Theda Bara, as Cleopatra
Theda Bara, as Carmen
Theda Bara and a skeleton
Theda Bara holding a dog
Theda Bara, portrait
Theda Bara, full length, as Cleopatra

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