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Welcome to Mind Over Matter - A Debrah Farentino Site! Who is Debrah Farentino you ask? Debrah is an extremely talented actress who creates something special each time she acts. With her acting, we are truly allowed to experience, first hand, the emotions, the characteristics, and the passions of the character.

Recent Updates

February 7th 1998: Whew! Long time no update! But I finally have - with a fresh new look and a new multimedia section! Do you like the new design? Did you like the old one better? Do the colors not fit together? How do you like the new menu bar? Should I have done something that you wanted? Tell me! I'm listening! Mail Me! I love your feedbacks! Tell me both the good, and if you must, the bad. Oh and all you guys that asked me to add a link to your page, I have done that. Sorry I didn't do it sooner.


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