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Nice one! Well working life is sort of fun. It's not quite Exeter, but hey, you have to start earning money at some point in your life. So now my wedding is approaching slowly and all the plans are underway. My god it is truly difficult to arrange a wedding, there are so many things to think of! Other than that, no major changes in my life at the moment, work, exams, work, exams, short holiday, work, exams. Hmmm, anyone see a pattern emerging? Still I can't complain. As for my web page, as you can see I have not changed it in a long long time. I really don't have time for this sort of thing, but I do drop in now and then to check the old guestbook out. Give it a whirl if you like! Have fun then and see you soon...

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The Star Trek Bit

What can I say? How about, "This is simply THE BEST series ever made"? Yes, that'll do nicely. How can it be doubted? The stories are first class, the characters are excellent, the effects (hmmm I guess The Original Series is a bit dated, but never mind) are cool and I like it, alright? Beam over to some of these sites Scotty:

The Red Dwarf Bit

There is only one comedy programme in the history of television that anyone with a brain could seriously want to watch. That programme is, of course, Red Dwarf. There is no funnier, better written, well acted and - dammit - excellent comedy programme than Red Dwarf. To find out more, follow some of these links:

The Michael Crichton Bit

It has to be said that, without any shadow of a doubt, that the absolutely best author in the whole wide world just has to be Michael Crichton. Not only do I say this, but so does Mark Burbidge, so it must be true! If you have any doubt, check out some of the following links:

The Gibraltar Bit

I was born in London and moved to Gibraltar at the age of 12. I am glad my family decided to make the move as Gibraltar is a really great place. For those of you who don't know, Gibraltar is a small British colony at the southern tip of Spain. It is only two and a half square miles in size but is home to 30,000 people - and what a great bunch of people they are! Unfortunately there are not many Gib links on the Web but here are a couple to check out:

The Photo Album

Here you will find a collection of various photos I have collected of my friends. The photos are quite large and the page may take a while to load if the link is slow so please be patient. Click here to open The Photo Album

And Now The Bit You've All Been Waiting For

Click here to visit The Poem on the Wall

The Insult Machine

Click here to send some insults to people you don't like. I accept no responsibility whatsoever for the use of this service.

The Hellos

Sorry guys, the hellos have been removed as I just know too many people and this way no-one comes up to me saying, "You left me off your list", because no-one is on it!

Instead I say hello to everyone I know! You know who you are!

The Search Engines

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I was a student at the wonderful:

Surely the best university in the world!

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Animal House - not for the squeamish!
Dave's F1 Page
Nick's Bond Page
David Ryan's Domain
Owen's Outrageous Open-Air Octagon - what?
Adrian's Acting Abandon
Alan's Actual Animal
Virgil's Vagrant Volcano
Keira's Kinky Kitchen
Sarbjit's Sanctuary
Ok, ok, sorry about the alliteration!

Fun stuff and others:

See my NASA academy certificate! - honest!
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