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In 1967 ABC gave us 4 cons and a gorgeous blond lieutenant to observe as they went about helping to win WWII.

From The Complete Directory to Prime Time TV Shows:
This action series focused on a motley group of commandos recruited from stateside prisons to use their special skills against the Germans in World War II. They had been promised a presidential pardon at the end of the war if they worked out; if not, they could expect a firing squad. The four were Actor, a handsome, resonant-voiced con man; Casino, a tough, wiry safe-cracker; Goniff, a slender, likable cat burglar; and Chief, a rugged, somber American Indian proficient with a switchblade. Led by West Pointer Craig Garrison, and headquartered in a secluded spot in England, this slippery group ranged all over Europe in exploits that often took them behind enemy lines.

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